Places of Less Note

Abby Rock: The fortress of the order of the Godclaw. A bastion of law in the sprawling chaos of the dark.

The Chapel of Lights: A respite of light and warmth for travelers in the frozen north.

Codex: The Frozen home of exiles from the city of Wither, and a rather grumpy colony of monkeys.

Demeaux Island: A desperate little outpost of something like civilization on an island covered in a whole lot of fungus.

Godfall: Wherein dwell the monks of Storm. They talk a lot about saints, but their main concerns seem to be beer, blood, and shouting. The False Star at its heart has been awoken again, and Godfall is on the move.

Hunter’s Keep: A rambling country house, perched on cliff-tops of a half-drowned island. The gardens are beautifully tended.

The Isle of Cats: The city of roses, and home to the Cavendish Abbey. It is a riot of a port and the main producer of prisoner’s honey. It is apparently ruled by the king Leopold.

Mt. Palmerston: Foremost supplier of obsidian and volcanic ash to the Neath. There is a small town of miners and knappers in the shadow of the fiery mountain.

Nuncio: Where postal workers go to ‘retire’, this island is the center of what passes for a postal service down here.

Polythreme: The domain of the King with a Hundred Hearts. It is the source of the Constructs employed by Mr. Iron.

Port Cecil: Chess playing capital of the neath, and also and island made of a giant possibly sentient glowing coral.

Station III: A place where nothing happens, and nobody is involved.

The Chelonate: Home of the mad monster hunters of the dark. Located Near the Gant Pole, graveyard of the deep.

The Empire of Hands: An island of monkeys ruled over by an imperial court of monkeys. Oh, and they want to eat your soul.

The Fathomking’s Hold: The dead-coral city of those who drowned but did not stop swimming.

The Salt Lions: “Two basalt beasts, cathedral-sized. They frown eternally at each other across the black waves. The north one carries an encampment: creeping human figures eat away at its features like rot, pick-pick-picking. There’s a supply dock below.”

Visage: A masked island, on which everyone wears a mask. There are festivals every few months when the temple is opened and people walk beneath to see the face of the island.

Places of Less Note

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