The Masters of the Bazaar

Mr Apples: food, wood, and immortality.

“Catch?’ There is no ‘catch’.”

Mr Cups: crockery, pottery, sculpture, the frangible and the fine.

“Work hard for the enrichment of the Bazaar, and us all. Shun seditionists. Practice courtesy & honesty.”

Mr Hearts: meats, skins, ligaments, bones, bloods, and animals.

“Good Luck”

Mr Iron: tools, engines, weapons, and printing presses


Mr Mirrors: fine or quality secrets.

“That saint will not be with us again.”

Mr Spices: spices, sweet smokes, and prisoner’s honey.

“I do not play games. I am a Master of the Bazaar. It is not a matter for games.”

Mr Wines: all things drinkable, including medicine and with the exception of water. Entertainment, music and the business of the ladies of the evening as well.

“To the wicked and the wise! To the hungry and the sharp!”

Mr Veils: clothing and fabric, and songs but not about the sea.

“A scream is just an imperfectly tuned song. And we all have a song in our hearts.”

Mr Fires: coal, gas, candles, and dockside trade.

“I’ll be keeping an eye on you.”

Mr Pages: anything and everything written as well as all manner of writing implements.

“We desire only to preserve The City from maleficitude.”

Mr Stones: jewels, quarry-stone, salt, and blasting powder.


The Masters of the Bazaar

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